Marketing your business through Social Media

Most people fear social media because they don’t understand its purpose.  In Kays workshop, we look at what social media is and what strategies you need to apply to your business to create value for the right audience. This workshop is interactive as we go through why and what you post and if you are talking to the right prospects on the right social platform.

Kay keeps it simple, and if you don’t understand something, she is happy to go over it more, providing examples of what your posts should say, how to nurture that prospect and turn them into a customer and finally get a return on your investment.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn marketing from one of the best in the industry, and as a bonus, Kay is offering one lucky person the opportunity of a $5000 package -the package will include 60 days of purpose-built templates for Instagram and Facebook, 1 -hour x 4 weeks of coaching on social media and access to the Digital Media in a Box Online program. The winner will be decided at the end of the workshops.




Trade and Building Business Mentor

  • The problem why trades can’t see a clear bright future
  • The common problem around lack of business growth
  •  Why your money isn’t flowing
  • What’s your trades business score
  • Why do most trades ignore their reputation?
  • Why most trades can’t get the team they want
  • The reason why you are not getting what you want
  • Why 95% of trades business owners say they don’t have time
  • The steps to improving all this, plus resources and guides

Michelle Cirson

Tricks of Your Trade

This year, Michelle Cirson from Tricks of your Trade will be running 2 x 90 minute keynote/workshop sessions in our program with the topic “Winning at price wars – eradicate under-pricing without breaking Australian Consumer Law”.
All conference attendees will receive:

  • Attendee folder for Workshop session
  • Free 30-minute consultation with Michelle; (valued at $150 per consultation)
  • Free single use coupon for e-version of the Contracting Playbook for Aussie Subbies – by Michelle Cirson. (normally $29).

James Castrission

Motivational Speaker

Collaborating to Win.

Effective collaboration is the mostimportant element of success, whether you’re striving to growa company or you’re voyaging across an ocean or tundra. Without real collaboration both endeavours are bound to fail.
In this engaging keynote you’ll learn critical steps in creating a tribe that is aligned and working together, that supports each other, and that doesn’t put personal ambition and success over that of the organisation.

This is the perfect session on how to develop a “culture” that is geared towards collaboration, and ultimately: success.

Unchartered Waters.

Survival Workshop. This experience emotionally engages audiences through metaphor, creating a shared platform to explore team dynamics, decision-making and key insights applicable to life in the real world. Teams are led through a HPT setup and then (using footage from the actual Tasman crossing) they make decisions that were faced on the Tasman. Each decision has consequence, and these consequences impact on whether teams make it across the Tasman Sea unsupported… or not.

The synergies in achieving a world record and managing a successful business ensures your team will leave with proven tools and techniques that will drive alignment, leadership and teamwork.

Paul Lathouras

Superior Walls & Ceilings

Paul Lathouras is a Wall and Ceiling Contractor through and through!

Having presented twice before in 2009 and 2011, Paul is returning to share his experiences of 28 years in contracting, and 22 years of being the Managing Director of Superior Walls & Ceilings, “the good, the bad, the unknown and the unexpected.”

In particular, this presentation will be dealing with succession planning and the transitioning from a single director to a multiple director organisation.

“To say it another way, shifting value from you to your organisation”.

Previous presentations have been well received by our members as Paul hides nothing and shares all the mishaps, mistakes and successes of his commercial operations and his greater life experiences, providing valuable insight to the path many of us will travel in the future….