Thursday September 10 | 10am AEST

Next Q&A webinar:

Path to compliance ensuring no combustible products are used in fire rated walls

is it illegal to order Clomiphene online We are back this Thursday to discuss fire wall compliance specifically non-combustible products, sharing tips and cautions to ensure compliance, providing some clarity and thoughts around this much debated issue 

Join our team in our next webinar, a 30 minute Q & A discussion on the following:

  • Product review and preapproval process
  • What BCA says – Clauses C1.9, C1.10 & C1.14
  • Testing to AS1530.1  for non-combustible products
  • BCA Exemptions
  • Dealing with Attachments
  • Who’s responsible
  • Evidence of suitability
  • Certification


Santa Vitória do Palmar Appreciate any questions in advance when registering so we can address them, also please feel free to share this invitation.