Apprentices & The Trade

Have you recently finished high school, but you’re not entirely sure where to next?


Have you considered an apprenticeship? It could be exactly what you’re looking for. An apprenticeship offers a whole raft of benefits for young people, from paid employment straight out of school, through to plenty of on-the-job training opportunities. With all the real-world skills that you’ll be learning, you can set yourself up for a hugely successful career.

Best of all, the Australian wall and ceiling industry is worth millions of dollars annually (IBIS World report, 2023). This means that employers are always on the look-out for enthusiastic, dedicate and qualified workers.

AWCI Training & Courses

One of the best places to start as a new apprentice could be an AWCI training session or short course. All our training and courses are facilitated by our expert state-based offices. So, for further information on training and courses:

What Is Involved In The Trade?

Plasterers make, apply and fix the internal linings and facades of commercial and domestic buildings. This includes decorative and protective covers made of plasterboard, fibre cement or similar materials.

Plasterers may perform the following tasks in both domestic and commercial markets:

  • Measure room walls, work out sheet layout and install insulation
  • Measure and mark cutting lines on the sheet
  • Cut plasterboard, lift and position panels, nail/screw/glue to walls, ceilings or battens
  • Prepare corner panel mouldings (cornice), ceiling centre and other plaster fittings
  • Cover joins and nail holes with wet plaster or sealing compounds then finish the surface
  • Fix precast cornices and panel mouldings, ceiling centres and other plaster fittings
  • Apply finishing coats of plaster to give a smooth finish or decorative texture
  • Install fire-rated wall/ceiling systems
  • Spray fibrous materials over surfaces to be covered
  • Install acoustic walls and treatments
  • Render exterior walls and moulds
  • Make fibrous plaster moulds
  • Install facades, suspended ceilings, stud and track systems
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The AWCI ANZ was established to represent and advocate for the interests of all companies and individuals operating within the ceiling, wall and lining sheeting systems industries. We honour this commitment in everything we do.