The AWCI Code of Ethics

The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI) Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Code of Ethics outlines the standards to which all of our members are expected to operate. It encompasses how professionals should approach problems, and AWCI’s overarching ethical principles based on our core values.

Code of Ethics

  1. Members will assist in furthering the objects, interest and causes of the Association and will assist whenever possible in the development of effective communication, understanding and co-operation between members, customers, government agencies, the public and the industry.
  2. A member must conduct his/her business so as to minimise controversies with other members and to avoid conduct that is detrimental to the interest of the Association.
  3. Members will not make exaggerated or misleading statements to the public concerning the qualities of materials or workmanship or knowingly allow their staff or sub-contractors to make such statements.
  4. A member will conduct his/her business so as to reflect favourably on the Association and its members and to assure public confidence in the industry.
  5. Members will provide a courteous and reliable service at all times.
  6. Members will ensure that their employees and sub-contractors are trained to acceptable standards of competence to operate in a safe and efficient manner and to perform the standard or workmanship as required by the member.
  7. Members will be safety conscious and will, wherever possible, work towards a safer work environment.
  8. Members will ensure adequate operating standards by maintaining their equipment in good working condition and presenting themselves and their equipment in a clean and tidy manner.
  9. Members will treat all information from within the Association as strictly confidential and will not disclose to any person or corporation which is not a member, without the written consent of the Executive Committee. In particular, members must not use information of the Association in any way so as to create a dispute, or as a means of supporting a position in an industrial dispute.
  10. Members will ensure their staff are aware of the provisions of this Code.
  11. Any breach of this Code should be reported in writing to the Association’s Executive Committee who may, after investigation, require members to answer any such allegations.


The AWCI ANZ was established to represent and advocate for the interests of all companies and individuals operating within the ceiling, wall and lining sheeting systems industries. We honour this commitment in everything we do.