Life Members

Life Membership and Honorary Membership has been bestowed on individuals in recognition of their outstanding contribution to AWCI ANZ, its Members and the Industry in general.

A.C. Mitchinson NSW 1961

S. G. P. Cowley TAS 1961

W. C. Hardwick VIC 1964

J. H. Fanning SA 1966

R. S. Hanna VIC 1966

F. J. Baker QLD 1967

G. New NSW 1968

T. B. Nelson NZ 1970

W. W. Cockram VIC 1972

A. Young NZ 1976

P. R. Hopkins VIC 1977

H. J. McPhee VIC 1978

A. Crockett NSW 1979

Dr. M. J. Ridge VIC 1979

G. Cook NSW 1981

G. R. Franz VIC 1981

R. Langbein SA 1982

L. D. Tapper WA 1982

R. Lorrigan NZ 1983

R. A. Lehmann SA 1986

F. V. Emanelle VIC 1988

R. A. Bynon VIC 1990

B. J. Ross NSW 1991

K. Hone QLD 1991

T. Sayers QLD 1991

J. Brocklehurst NSW 1991

R. L. Kelson VIC 2001

T. McKain NZ 2002

J. A. Hopkins VIC 2003

L. Pimm VIC 2003

D. Mills NSW 2006

B. Whiddon NSW 2006

J. Browning QLD 2006

B. Huxley TAS 2007

T. Bell NZ 2008

D. Pursche SA 2009

P. Richardson QLD 2012

Kevin Sceats NZ 2016

Kim Prout WA 2019

Clinton Steele TAS 2019